2 Time All Around Shotgun National Champion
SCA National Championship
USSCA National Champion
PASS National Champion
SCI World Sporting Clay Champion
FITASC National Champion
21 Time All American
14 Time Member of US Sporting Clay Team
2 Time NSCA 410 National Champion
3 Time NSCA 28 Gauge National Champion
5 Time NSCA Small Gauge National Champion
2 Time NSCA 5 Stand National Champion
13 Time NSCA 5 Man Team National Champion
4 Time Pan American Champion
Professional Sporting Clay Champion of America
2 Time Beretta World Silver Medalist
3 Time Junior National Champion
3 Time Kruger Cup Champion
Angle Port Open Champion
2 Time ACUI College National Champion
Clay Shooting FITASC Classic Champion


North American Sporting Clay Champion
2 Time Homestead Cup Champion
Great American Sporting Clay Champion
2 Time Mile High Classic Champion
NSCA Pro Am Champion
ESPN Outdoor Games Gold & Bronze Medal
Oklahoma, Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Wisconsin and Texas State Sporting Clay Champion
NSSF Chevy Truck Shooter of the Year
3 Time FITASC World Championship Team Gold Medal
World English National Team World Champions
2 Time World English Small Gauge HOA World Champion
World English 28 gauge World Champion
Browing-Briley World Sporting Clay Champion
Helice Grand Prix of the America’s Champion
3 Time U.S. Open Silver Medalist
2 Time Caribbean Cup Champion
2 Time Canadian Open Champion
All Around Shotgun World Championship Silver Medalist
All American Target Champion
TSCA Hall of Fame Inductee